Since 2006, Drug Channels (www.DrugChannels.net) has been helping thousands of readers make sense of pharmaceutical economics and the drug distribution system. Every week, the site delivers timely analysis and provocative, widely regarded opinions on the highly dynamic healthcare system. Drug Channels is the ultimate source for such topics as:

  • Pharmacy Economics and Prescription Profits
  • Pharmaceutical reimbursement
  • Business strategies of key market participants, including manufacturers, pharmacies, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), third-party payers, and wholesalers
  • Industry evolution and trends
  • The fast-growing specialty drug market
  • Health care reform and policy
  • Legal aspects of the pharmaceutical supply chain

As a leading online publication on pharmaceutical economics, Drug Channels has a loyal following of engaged readers. Drug Channels attracts a large, unique, diverse audience throughout the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

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