Welcome to Drug Channels Institute, a leading provider of specialized management education and computer-based training for and about the pharmaceutical industry.

Founded by Adam J. Fein, Ph.D., author of the influential Drug Channels blog, Drug Channels Institute is a division of Dr. Fein’s internationally respected and renowned pharmaceutical economics and strategy firm, Pembroke Consulting, Inc. Drug Channels Institute links Pembroke’s years of expertise and cutting-edge analysis with a new set of indispensable industry learning tools: e-learning modules and industry reports. These tools benefit senior executives, field personnel, internal commercial operations staff, and anyone who wants to understand the commercial business aspects of the U.S. pharmaceutical industry.

Our engaging, interactive e-learning modules (which you can access from both your computer and your iPad) deliver creative training solutions and performance-enhancing knowledge. With their compelling, animated graphics and professional narration, these 30-minute modules — along with our acclaimed, annually published industry reports — offer fundamental business acumen in the most up-to-date training settings. Our training solutions help corporate leaders empower their teams with comprehensive and practical industry knowledge. Our modules span vital economic and business topics. We also customize modules to address any topic you prefer.

Drug Channels Institute’s e-learning modules combine the talents of a variety of exclusive experts: our own subject analysts, project managers, professional narrators, and design and graphics veterans. We have built our industry reputation by breaking highly complex economic and business data and concepts into digestible, user-friendly kits. They offer anyone a thorough grounding in both the history and most recent activity of the key players in the pharmaceutical channel — and the relationships among them.